Cayucos CAThe Town

Cayucos embodies everything you'd expect from a small beach community on the Central Coast of California. Just a 10 minute drive from Cottontail Creek Ranch, you can spend an afternoon catching waves, walking the pier, or sidled up to the bar at Schooner's Wharf and you'll know what we're talking about.

Cayucos' roots come from Chumash and Salinan Native Americans, and their cultures can still be seen today throughout the architecture and community traditions. Spanish inquisitions took hold of the land in 1565 and along with 27 other counties of California, Cayucos became part of the union in 1850. Immigrants in the 20th century turned the land into cattle and dairy farms along with the Swiss-Italian families who made Cottontail Creek Ranch their home. The name Cayucos was derived from the Native American names for "canoe" or "kayak".

Present-day Cayucos still holds much of the ranching and farming traditions of it's early days. Tourism and wine-making have also played an important role in the local economy. Cayucos is often deemed one of the last standing true California beach towns, left untouched. Visit for an events calendar and more info on our charming beach community.